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The East End Song Studio of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the teaching studio and production platform for Creative Musician Jett Downey.  Through the East End Song Studio, Jett holds a monthly Music Salon for her patrons, adult voice students, associated musicians, and friends of the studio.   If you are interested in taking voice lessons and being part of a fun and supportive music community, the East End Song Studio is for you.  If you enjoy hearing good music in a social setting,- and might even like to join in on audience sing-a-longs, we welcome you to participate!   Please see our event listings page to learn abotu upcoming Music Nights.
Finally, the East End Song Studio is serves as a patronage which supports Jett’s artistic enterprises. In March 2015, Jett released her first solo album, "Jack Doyle vs. Miss Irish America."  You can hear samples and purchase the album in digital form or order a CD on this website.   

For further information about the East End Song Studio, please email Jett at eesongstudio@gmail.com or call (412) 925-6485.



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